Wormwood High Crimes and a Bunch of Misdemeanors by Robert L. Van Kirk

A comical murder mystery set in the small town of Wormwood, West Virginia, one that has fallen on hard times. And just about everyone has pretty much come to accept things as they are.

Except Mayor Little Dick Fleming, who is secretly attempting to unload his methane gas-filled coal mines that run under the city before Wormwood goes up in flames. That, and get a convention center built with his name on it.

And Karl Lamb, the local slaughterhouse owner who is desperately trying to stay afloat financially by way of a plan that stretches the definition of the word “demented.”

To round things out Ty Svenson, a newly minted private investigator, is racing around trying to solve a murder, prevent a fresh round of civic atrocities, and sort out his complicated love life.

With flood waters bearing down on the city, the whole mess gets resolved on live, local TV. 

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