Wormwood Beyond Dead by Robert L. Van Kirk

A humorous crime novel that reveals more bad news about Wormwood, West Virginia, a town with the motto, “Down, But Not Completely Out, Yet.”

Junior Lament, funeral and retirement home operator, plans to expand his business empire quickly with a crazy scheme to steal and sell organs from his retirement home clients, and bodies from his funeral home competitors. Even stranger, he plans to build an Indian casino—without any Indians.

All the while private investigator Ty Svenson is hot on Junior’s trail, he has his own issues. Ty’s girlfriend tells him to become more sensitive, or else. Mixed messages prevail as he consults on the case with a gorgeous, gun-toting neurosurgeon.

It all comes to a head when the whole confused cast of characters ends up at the Indian casino while a winter fashion show is underway—in the heat of August. The question is, will anyone make it out alive?

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