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Auto Theft Suspect Arrested After Stopping to Watch the Eclipse

Authorities in Florida say an auto theft suspect who wanted to watch the moon blot out the sun instead has a blot on his record.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office said on its Facebook page that JocsanRosado was arrested Monday after he parked what deputies say was a stolen car to watch the eclipse.

Deputies say Rosado stole the vehicle, and unbeknownst to him, was being followed by detectives.

Deputies say he stopped at a hardware store to purchase a welding mask for watching the eclipse safely.

He was arrested next to the stolen car, wearing the welding mask, and looking up at the sky.

Sun Journal August 23, 2017

Observation: I think we can all agree we should respect a guy like this. It’s not like he stole the car and ended up at a bar shooting it out with other patrons. No, he obviously stole the car so he could get to the hardware store for eye protection and then on to an optimal viewing area for the eclipse. And it’s also reasonable to assume he was going to report back to family and friends what he saw. Then return the car to its owner, undetected. Unfortunately, the pesky police screwed up his educational ambitions and created another victim in our society, one just wanting to stretch the definition of ride-sharing.