West Virginia News

The two news items below recently appeared in my local paper. My first two books are set in West Virginia. The third has ties to that state. Writing humorous crime novels is a challenge, especially when reality pulls ahead in the race for engaging story lines.


Prosecutor: Man killed inmate after Bible dispute

A West Virginia man has pleaded guilty to killing a fellow inmate after a dispute over a Bible verse. Timothy Parsons pleaded guilty to the stabbing death of Eugene Anderson. Prosecutors say Parsons defeated Anderson in a game of Bible knowledge at the Mount Olive Correctional Institute.

After the game, authorities say Anderson tried to set up a prison hit on Parsons. But prosecutors say Parsons stabbed Anderson 20 times. Parsons was already serving a life sentence for killing his wife and mother-in-law in 2012. He is scheduled to be sentenced on this latest murder charge in September.

Sun Journal July 2017

Observation: I suppose one could argue that the two men took their knowledge of the Bible seriously.


Florida mom drove to West Virginia with daughter's body.

A woman drove for two days with her dead 11-year-old daughter in her truck before hitting a guardrail in West Virginia, where authorities say witnesses saw her dragging the body into the woods.

The driver, 37-year-old Erica Newsome, has been jailed on charges of concealing the body of her daughter Kay-lea Plummer.

The Pocahontas Times reports that Newsome told authorities after Sunday’s crash that they left Jacksonville on Friday to drive to the home of the girl’s father in Buffalo, New York.

State Police Sgt. Herby Barlow told the newspaper that it was obvious the girl did not die from injuries in the accident.

Sun Journal August 9, 2017

Observation: If you check a map of West Virginia, you’ll see Pocahontas County is way back in the mountains, not along an Interstate that would take you to Buffalo, NY.