Car Names

I was driving along the other day and as I came up to a stoplight I noticed the car in front of me was a Jeep Grand Cherokee. That got me thinking about automotive model names. I went home and googled Jeep and saw that they had two Indian-named cars, the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Jeep Cherokee. Naming a car after an Indian tribe, that seems pretty low. Why single out an Indian tribe to name a hunk of steel and plastic after?

Rather than go through the usual arguments over banning or not banning a particular name, as it happens, in professional baseball and football, how about going in the other direction in the automotive universe? Why not go about being inclusive? Let’s round up some names from around the planet and put a global perspective on this situation. Here are a few suggestions that I think any marketing department would be proud to work with.

Announcing the All New

Cadillac Bangladeshi

Chevy Czech

Chrysler Swede

Bentley Ugandan

BMW Palestinian

Buick Liechtensteiner

Dongfeng Motor Corp Spaniard

Ford East Timorese

GMC Chinese

Mercedes-Benz Cameroonian

Toyota Egyptian

Volkswagen Uzbekistani

Volvo American

And for Jeep, who started this whole thing, why not a Jeep Citizen of the Holy See?

Now I’m not purposely excluding any of the Indian tribes from participating. They’re welcome to throw their names in the ring. I’m just thinking they may want to take a time-out for a few model years.