My ONLY Serious Post EVER

Okay, so I’ve completed three humorous crime novels that are out on Amazon. Writing is one thing—a terrific endeavor that is both fun and fulfilling. But getting the word out to potential readers is another. For the first two books, I marketed them mostly in and around New Bern, North Carolina. I’ve enjoyed doing so, but it can only bring limited success.

Over the last several months I have been fortunate to link up with the Social Media Marketing class in the Business School at the University of Mt. Olive in Mt. Olive, North Carolina. To augment what the students learn in class, Dean Kathy Best and Professor Karl Reimers created a class project centered around building and implementing a social media marketing plan for my books. The goal is to get the word out to a much wider audience.

I’ve learned a great deal working with the class, both from reading the excellent textbook they are using and from their recommendations about how to proceed in the world of social media. The project has resulted in the class designing and building a new website for me, setting up a Facebook and Goodreads presence, and establishing the templates for this blog and a monthly email newsletter. All of these efforts are in support of my reaching out to new readers. Many thanks to the students in the MIS Class 347. You are great!

I plan to write something once a week. I promise it will not be serious. Ever. Except for the above because I needed to thank the wonderful people at the university. My goal with all of my writing is for the reader to have fun, laugh out loud, be entertained, and goof-off whenever possible. I find when I turn on the TV and radio there’s a sea of voices mad about something. Just in the last week I’ve heard people battle over daylight savings time, the lack of really good road-kill recipes, nose enlargements, organic burial caskets, anger management courses, soil conservation, the absence of whitewall tires, and jobs that require employees to show up every day. Exhausting stuff.

I’m leaving the important thinking and commentary to others. I’m taking the easy way out. I hope you’ll join me.