What a Great Idea

My wife and daughter and I recently traveled to Atlanta to visit our son and his family. I hadn’t been in Atlanta for years, and back then, only on business. I was struck by how much I liked the terrain, hilly and covered in trees. Greenery all over the place. Of course, there is their world-famous traffic congestion, but that comes with big cities. 

So, one day while we were on our way to a neighborhood park for an outing with the grandchildren, a terrific idea came to mind. A business opportunity that I need to pursue. An idea that will bring history alive to the backyards of all Atlantans. The product breakthrough of the decade. I can see the ad now:

General Sherman’s Charcoal

Locally Sourced from the Remains of Georgia Antebellum Plantations
Each Piece of Charcoal Shaped Like a Building
Watch General Sherman’s Charcoal Go Up in Smoke and Flames, Just Like Atlanta in the Days of Old
Now You Too Can Feel the Heat of Yesteryear

You have to admit this is a powerful product idea. It has the benefit of engaging important themes: history, recycling, and grilling. And how about this? With each bag of charcoal the buyer gets, absolutely free, a write-up on General Sherman’s burning of Atlanta during the civil war. As you’re out grilling steaks for dinner, gather the kids for a history lesson they’ll never forget.

I mentioned this idea to my wife and said I need to go on more road trips, they’re such a wonderful source of mental stimulation. She wished me luck. And now my car keys have gone missing.