Bring Dueling Back

I don’t know why I have to do all of the heavy lifting when it comes to solving our nation’s problems. But okay, here’s another well thought out idea.

The Problem Whether one is a Democrat, Independent, or Republican, it’s fair to assume nobody really likes their representatives in Washington, DC. Talk about a bunch of horrible, power-grabbing, money-crazed human beings. And we don’t seem to be able to get rid of them. Even when we vote one out, here comes another eager to get elected. There’s no end in sight.

The Solution Return dueling with pistols to its rightful place in politics. You remember how this went from your American History text in high school: Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton and the like. A highly civilized way to end arguments and personal discord. So, let’s have duels take place on the National Mall just outside the Capitol Building every Friday afternoon on TV. Of course, it’s not legal now, but I’m sure the president can get this reestablished by way of an Executive Order. Everything else coming out of Washington seems tied to an Executive Order.

The rules should be simple:

The EO should state that participants can only include the president, vice president, cabinet members, house and senate members, and all federal agency heads. In other words, everyone in Washington who is screwing up our country. We don’t want just anybody taking advantage of this opportunity.

No seconds or stand-ins.

No body armor.

Only historic pairs of single-shot dueling pistols will be used.  

The Outcome

I’m not expecting anyone to get seriously injured. That would require practice and these folks aren’t known for perfecting anything.

Politicians will tone down their insulting remarks for fear of being called out and having to appear for a duel on TV. And maybe losing.   

With everyone preoccupied with what may or may not happen on Friday afternoons, even less will get done in Washington. Good for us.

And, I suspect, a lot fewer people will want to fill vacancies.