Reader Comments and Questions

I receive many thoughtful and sincere observations and questions from my readers. I thought it would be educational posting some of them for all to see.

From Annelida Wigler

Q: Your fictional town of Wormwood, West Virginia sure has its problems: chaotic finances, fouled-up infrastructure, politicians running amuck, and lowlifes everywhere. Sort of depressing, if you ask me. Why don’t you do a more upbeat version? You could model it after where I live—Washington, DC.  

A: That sure would be an improvement.

From Merrill Street

Q: I’m almost sure I heard about a terrific, upcoming TV special. I can’t wait. It’s the EPA/Public Television program on Wormwood: Purple Fish, Orange Water, Black Sand. Sounds like a beautiful spot. Like the Caribbean. But a whole lot closer and cheaper to get to. Like on Greyhound. Any suggestions on where I should stay? Maybe something along the riverfront. I’d like to book it before the TV special or I’ll be out of luck.

A: Getting a reservation should be no problem. Try the Wormwood Spa and Drainage Outfall Inn right downtown. You can’t miss it. And don’t forget your swim suit.

From Lance Legworn

Q: I can’t believe the authenticity you bring to your characters. They seem downright real. Like the minister’s wife in Hog Heaven. Just in case she’s modelled after an actual real person, I’d like to meet her. You talk about hot, I mean holy. Bless you. Can you set something up?

A: Terribly sorry Lance, but I hear she’s joined a convent and isn’t taking calls.

From: Chicolini Baravelli

Q: I live in a small town, Villeburg, Ohio. It’s packed with creative people, you know, like artists. Come on by and join us for Art Afternoon each Tuesday in the parking lot of the Safeway Supermarket. You’ll find chain saw sculptures, auto pinstriping, finger-painting, tattooing, and custom coffin construction. Once a month we even have the Lawrence Welk impersonation contest. Talk about toe-tapping fun. You may want to write a book about our town someday.

A: Write a book about it? I might just move there.